Blood Bank

When our loved ones get sick, we all want to know the resources that are available to make them better. That applies to four legged members of the family too.

Many of the dedicated employees at Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center also have a dedicated dog or cat that provides a vital resource to the local animal community.
"I get to see the end result. I get to know, I can follow the case along and know how the dog's doing the received his blood, which is rewarding," VES/VSC CVT Melissa Lang says about her dog's donations. The black lab had been taking part in the animal hospital's program for about three years.
"Sometimes the owners are a little surprised that, 'oh my dog, we can have a blood transfusion and there's donor animals for that?," she says.
All of VES/VSC's cats and dogs that give blood belong to employees. It provides easy access to the population that supplies blood to their patients. These donor pets have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria, and undergo screenings for infectious diseases before being admitted to the VES/VSC blood donor program. Their screenings continue on an annual basis thereafter.
"Several weeks ago, I actually rushed home to grab my cat to be a blood donor because we didn't have any available," VES/VSC Critical Care Specialist Dr. Tom Day says.
"It's just really rewarding to know that for 10 minutes of my dogs time that he can possibly save the life of another dog," Lang says.