End of Life Care

What is it?

End of Life Care is also often times referred to as palliative care. It's like Hospice care is to people but to pets, and it is fairly new to the pet world. Being an emergency and specialty practice we have seen a need for an "End of life Care" to be offered to our clients and patients.
This program is meant for any pet with any life limiting illness. It is the intention of the program to provide education to the pet owners and comfort and symptom management for the pet.
The End of Life Care is a team effort. We will work with our team of doctors and specialists as well as your regular veterinarians. Some of these patients may be hospitalized, however it is our goal to help you take your pet home for some quality time. During your pets End of Life Care, they may still receive medical treatments including chemotherapy and pain medications.

When the Time Finally Comes

There are many choices when that final day comes. Euthanasia is usually the leading humane choice. This can take place with us in the quieting setting of our private grievance room, at your regular vet's office, at Memorial Pet Services, or in your home if special arrangements are made.
Some of you may chose to let your pet die naturally at home. If this is your choice, arrangements can be made with Memorial Pet Services to pick up your pet directly from your home and have them privately cremated for you. 
Our staff is always available to review all these options with you should the need arise.
For more information regarding Memorial Pet Services, please visit their website here.